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With innovation moving faster than ever (and counterfeiters stealing new ideas just as quickly), you need a team that will help you develop strategies to bring your ideas to market and protect and defend them around the world.

From conducting patent and trademark clearance searches, to preparing and prosecuting applications, to pursuing infringers, Myers Wolin will protect and defend your intellectual property every step of the way.

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With a vision for delivering the best client service at a boutique price, Brian Myers and Harris Wolin took their years of working in small, medium, and large-sized firms and inside a corporate intellectual property department to form Myers Wolin, LLC. Their focus on technical excellence, uncompromised quality, international partnerships, and concierge-style client support draws team members with the same goals. Our clients have come to recognize that we are partners in their success and long-term growth.

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From a back-of-the-napkin sketch to a lightbulb moment, it’s never too early to start your intellectual property journey. Read our blog with relevant information to the patent, copyright, and trademark process.

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