With the growth of global commerce, protecting your trademark is as important as protecting your entire company from those looking to create confusion in the marketplace and leverage from your company success. Businesses of all sizes benefit from trademark protection to keep their name, logo, and overall brand reputation and proprietary products distinct online.

We help you deliver on your brand promise to your clients depending on your needs, goals, and budget requirements.

The lawyers at Myers Wolin make it easy for you to protect the distinctive elements of your business and combat possible infringement from others. Start working with us from the beginning to set yourself up for success before you launch your brand into the world.

What’s involved with trademark filing and legal services:

  • Counsel on trademark clearance and filing
  • Confirmation on trademark validity, ensuring no similarities already exist in the market
  • Registration of your trademark with all appropriate domestic and international trademark offices.
  • Managing trademark renewals and addressing counterfeiting or other infringements

Other Practice Areas

Are you inventing a new product and considering a patent? Read our blog to understand more about the process and then speak with a lawyer to get started.