Alternative Dispute Resolution

Seasoned litigators understand that the courtroom is not always the most effective venue for resolving a dispute. Our attorneys take advantage of all avenues to resolve disputes to protect your intellectual property.

Speak with the team at Myers Wolin to develop a strategy that maximizes your time, money, and effort.

Benefits of ADR

Working with a mediator, private judge, or other methods not only save money but speed up the timing of an intellectual property infringement trial. The time you spend in trial takes you away from your business or from your research. Protect not only your branding, but your day-to-day work with ADR for intellectual property cases where possible.

  • Increased speed of discovery process
  • Agility when new information is presented
  • Quick scheduling and faster resolution

Other Practice Areas

Are you inventing a new product and considering a patent? Read our blog to understand more about the process and then speak with a lawyer to get started.