You’ve worked hard to create a product that stands out on the shelf or a store interior that fans notice immediately. Don’t let that brand recognition be taken away by counterfeiters and copycats.

At Myers Wolin, we will protect any meaningful association between your product and company with trade dress counsel and registration. Bring us in at the beginning of the process to ensure you have what you need to maintain the growth of your company and separate yourself from the competition.

What is Trade Dress?

While a trademark protects your name and logo, trade dress protects the unique design elements that carry meaning and make your brand recognizable anywhere.

Examples of Trade Dress

  • Distinct décor in a restaurant or retail store
  • Color combinations within a logo or branding
  • Shape of bottles
  • Product shapes and configurations

Why you need counsel for trade dress

  • Advise on which elements of a product comprise protectable trade dress
  • Counsel on possible changes to a product, logo, or packaging.
  • Clarify which products require a secondary meaning in order to qualify for trade dress
  • Ensure your product is not infringing and causing confusion in the marketplace: similar packaging, décor, and design that would cause a customer to mistake your product for an existing product

Other Practice Areas

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