While copyright has its roots in classical literature, now, everyone with a social media account has questions about copyrighting their material.

Beyond the written word, copyright registrations cover software, databases, designs, sculpture, works of the visual arts, and other applications. With a proper registration in hand, you’ll be prepared to pursue infringers and obtain damages when appropriate.

The Myers Wolin team of attorneys have the expertise you need to move forward with protecting your original expressions from duplication.

Our Copyright Registration & Enforcement Process

The Copyright Office requires an application, filing fee, and copies of your work to register. At Myers Wolin, we guide you through the copyright registration application process, ensuring you have all the components you need for approval.

  • Create a copyright portfolio
  • Prosecute misappropriations and infringement
  • Strategize to identify vulnerabilities and avoid infringement on others’ property
  • Challenge infringement prosecution with fair use and other defenses

Other Practice Areas

Are you inventing a new product and considering a patent? Read our blog to understand more about the process and then speak with a lawyer to get started.