False Advertising, Unfair Competition, and Misappropriation

When you’ve created a great product for your market, your competitors will notice and attempt to drive sales away from you or steal your customers. Your company not only loses sales, but also pays for additional advertising to combat the false advertising.

These competitors may infringe on your copyright or trademark, misappropriate your patent, or create a product so similar they confuse customers.

Protecting Your Reputation from False Advertising

  • At Myers Wolin, we have the skills necessary to protect your brand from false advertising, all forms of unfair competition, and misappropriation. And if your company faces these charges unjustly, we defend your case with our decades of knowledge in the intellectual property field.
  • How do we protect your brand from both sides?
  • Robust, thorough patent, trademark, and copyright portfolios of your products
  • Extensive experience counselling large and small businesses
  • Counsel on practices to protect trade secrets

Other Practice Areas

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