Fumiaki Doi (土居史明)


Fumiaki Doi (土居史明) is a registered Japan Patent Attorney, and a native Japanese speaker. Before joining Myers Wolin, Fumiaki worked for a Japanese patent firm in Japan for ten years as a Japan Patent Attorney, and for a US law firm in the US as a Patent Professional. Fumiaki practices in a variety of technologies including electrical, mechanical, physics, and computer fields (e.g., semiconductor, electric/electronic device, optical device, liquid crystal display, welding machinery/process, industrial machinery, software, aircraft, and automobile). Fumiaki has experience in managing and prosecuting patent portfolios on behalf of clients in the U.S., Japan, and around the world. Fumiaki has passed the U.S. patent bar examination.

Core Competencies

  • Patent prosecution
  • Patent practice
  • Patent strategy development
  • Portfolio development

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