Gabriel Lopez

Patent Attorney: Chemistry, Pharmaceuticals

Gabriel Lopez has over 40 years of extensive world-wide patent practice. Although his practice has primarily been in small chemical entities (i.e., pharmaceuticals, including processes, formulations, and methods of treatment), he has also prepared, filed, or prosecuted numerous patent applications covering inter alia, macrolides, vaccines, diagnostic processes and devices, combinatorial libraries, agricultural chemicals, bacterial polysaccharides, polymers, micro-organisms, dyes and colorants, oil-well drilling fluids, health care devices, industrial devices, foods, sensor platforms, oral and other personal care formulations, home care formulations, and toothbrushes.

In addition to patent filings and prosecution, Mr. Lopez has also been involved in confidentiality agreements, licensing, consultantship agreements, interferences, foreign opposition and nullity proceedings, memoranda of law, patentability opinions, US and foreign infringements, acquisition and divestiture of technology packages, in-house patent lectures, and clearance of technical publications.

Presentations & Publications

  • Author of the Patents chapter for the book “Principles and Practice of Pharmaceutical Medicine”, L. Edwards et al, Wiley & Sons (2002) and author of a second chapter (Generics) for the second and third editions.

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