Foreign Attorney Training Program

Myers Wolin, LLC is pleased to offer an opportunity for visiting attorneys from firms or companies outside of the US to learn US patent and trademark practice within a boutique firm environment. This program is typically for two (2) or three (3) weeks at a time, although the duration may be shorter or longer as desired. Myers Wolin shall assist with the coordination of travel, housing and training visas if necessary.

Visiting attorneys will receive training on practice and procedure from firm attorneys and administrative personnel. Topics include preparation and filing of new applications, drafting and filing responses to a variety of USPTO Office Actions of varying complexity, conducting telephone and video interviews with USPTO Examiners, and possible trips to the USPTO. Substantive training sessions will focus on the Manual of Patent Examining Procedure (MPEP), Trademark Manual of Examining Procedure (TMEP), US Federal and State case law, rules and regulations. The firm may use the visiting attorney’s actual applications and Office Actions to create the instructional materials that will form part of the training. Visiting attorneys will also have an opportunity to travel to clients, conduct client meetings and participate in strategy discussions, and take part in networking meetings designed to broaden the visiting attorney’s exposure to other local counsel. This experience shall prove invaluable for those foreign attorneys that prepare instructions for US counsel.

Visiting attorneys have an option to make presentations to firm attorneys on practice topics from their native country to enhance their English presentation skill. The firm will assist visiting attorneys to prepare/make their English presentations. In addition, visiting attorneys have an option to make a presentation in New York City before the International Intellectual Property Society (IIPS), a continuing legal education organization that reaches local practitioners in the New York/New Jersey area. These options would enhance visiting attorneys’ presentation/communication skills in English as well as learning U.S. patent and trademark practices.

For visiting attorney at a firm, an exchange program is also available if the visiting attorney firm is amenable to hosting a Myers Wolin attorney. This exchange program will provide the Myers Wolin attorney with a reciprocal experience and similar benefits. The Myers Wolin training program and exchange program is also an excellent way to promote improved relationships between attorneys from each firm.

If you are interested in this training program, please send an email to [email protected].