Breach of Contract Litigation

A solid contract forms the foundation of every business relationship. All parties to a contract suffer from a document that is not well-reasoned or negotiated.

When you protect your intellectual property with the team of lawyers at Myers Wolin, you can be confident your contracts hold up in court. You’ll be free to innovate and license products throughout the world with the expertise and concierge-style service of our team.

Intellectual Property & Contract Breaches

Whether you’re preparing contracts for your own employees to protect trade secrets, or you’re creating distribution agreements, our team defends you with strong contracts from the start and steps in when a party does not live up to its obligations.

We’re knowledgeable about differences in state and international laws, and we always have your best interests in mind while developing or defending your contracts.

Other Practice Areas

Are you inventing a new product and considering a patent? Read our blog to understand more about the process and then speak with a lawyer to get started.