Technical Industries

Protecting Your Innovations Across All Industries

Our team of attorneys is especially qualified with technical
backgrounds to protect innovations across all industries.

Biotechnology & Biomedicine

At the intersection of biology and engineering innovations, we understand how to manage critical innovations coming to market faster every day and how to leverage prosecution timelines in order to maximize the value for your breakthrough innovations

Business Methods & Marketing

Launching a new brand? Introducing a new methodology? Make sure that you have conducted the necessary due diligence in advance to ensure a smooth launch and a cleared path to commercialization.

Chemicals & Materials

The chemical and material engineering fields require more experimental results and formulas than other fields to receive a patent. Our counsel guides the process to get you to the finish line.

Computer Hardware & Software

We work with start-ups and established companies to protect their hardware or software around the world. With our technical knowledge, we understand all the jargon of your specific field to protect and defend your new technology.

Consumer Electronics

Inventors and companies are regularly developing new electronics from fitness watches to entertainment systems. With new products on the market every day, our team helps you work-around existing product patents and separate yourself from the competition.

Internet & Web-Based Technologies

Make sure your new software platform won’t infringe on another’s work with our strategic intellectual property counsel.

Mechanical Engineering

You can trust the team at Myers Wolin to legally protect your work as you engineer a new product. In technical fields, our experts speak your engineering language and develop accurate, thorough patents, trademarks, and contracts for your designs.

Nanotechnology & Lithography

Be on the forefront of a growing field with an engineering background from our teams to offer the best legal counsel.

Semiconductors & MEMS

With technical degrees and experience in electrical engineering, our team is especially equipped to protect your innovations as you grow.


Wireless Technologies

The market continues to demand more wireless technologies, and you’re ready to provide them. The attorneys at Myers Wolin have the expertise necessary to guide you through the process.


Innovations in LEDs and computer optics have changed personal and professional lives everywhere. Our concierge-style intellectual property services ensure your product receives a patent quickly to get to market.

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