Trade Secret Counseling & Enforcement

Through research, testing, and careful development, you’ve created a product that offers a competitive advantage within your industry. With trade secret counseling and enforcement, Myers Wolin ensures your company protects that information from competitors, former employees, and others within the industry who may want to take over your process or benefit from your secret sauce.

Trade Secrets differ from patents, because the formula or process is not disclosed to the world but remains a company secret. Depending on your product, process, or industry, we can also advise on which elements should be patented and which should remain confidential.

We work with your best interests in mind to develop a strategy that keeps this confidential information out of the public domain.

Monetization Strategies

As your company or market share grows, you need the contracts in place to enforce any infringement from your brand partners, manufacturers, and distributors.

  • Technology Licensing
  • Brand Licensing Agreements
  • Manufacturing & Distribution Agreements
  • Joint Venture & Joint Development Agreements

Other Practice Areas

Are you inventing a new product and considering a patent? Read our blog to understand more about the process and then speak with a lawyer to get started.