Our Professionals

Meet Our IP Experts

With technical degrees and expertise in many areas, the attorneys at Myers Wolin clearly understand your product and what you need to protect it. As your business grows and changes, we think ahead to develop every legal element you need for success along the way.

Myers Wolin will become your Intellectual Property partners in trademarks, patents, litigation, and more. When will you know you’re ready to work with an IP attorney?

Cultivate New Ideas

Whether you have an idea on a napkin or a full project plan, the attorneys at Myers Wolin presents viability, design workarounds, and anything else you need to apply for a patent.

Help Clarify Your Vision for Growth

After you know you have a viable product, our expert team will help you towards scalability and growth: whether you’re writing a book series, developing an international brand, or developing a new medicine.

Go to Market Strategy

As you prepare to go to market with your new product, we’re here to help when you get there with responsiveness and a concierge mindset. We’ll defend against infringement and counterfeits with appropriate registrations and partners around the world.

With a vision for delivering the best client service at a boutique price, Brian Myers and Harris Wolin took their years of working in small, medium, and large-sized firms and inside a corporate intellectual property department to form Myers Wolin, LLC. Their focus on technical excellence, uncompromised quality, international partnerships, and concierge-style client support draws team members with the same goals. Our clients have come to recognize that we are partners in their success and long-term growth.