Practice Areas

Legal Expertise and Strategy to Protect
Your Intellectual Property

Our concierge-style service ensures that you will have a dedicated team throughout the life-cycle of your business and that your innovations and consumer good will are protected and managed for continued growth. With the world smaller than ever, we’ll help you develop a portfolio of intellectual property that will allow your business to scale and compete in an ever-challenging environment.

Patent Filing & Enforcement

Protect your new product, apparatus, composition, design, business method or a combination of the same with appropriate patent protection and strategies to maximize their commercial value and effectiveness. We perform patentability, freedom-to-operate, invalidity, and clearance searches and give you the information you need to launch new products with confidence and design around existing patents if necessary.


Trademarks are embodied in brand names, product and company logos, product configurations, colors, sounds, patterns or anything that can function as a single-source identifier. Find out if your new company name or product brand is available for use and/or registration. Then, our attorneys will advise on the next best steps to protect your brand and company reputation.

Trade Dress

Product configurations or aesthetics can be protectible trade dress that can create a meaningful association between your product and your company. We can help you develop strategies to create a unique and memorable impression.

Trade Secret Counseling & Enforcement

Trade secrets are information confidential to your company that provide your company with a competitive advantage in the marketplace. We help you develop internal processes to ensure that your trade secrets are protected and maintained in confidence.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

Disputes are not always resolved through litigation. Our seasoned litigators will find the best path towards the best outcome on your case.

Anti-Counterfeiting, Customs & Border Protection

Disputes are not always resolved through litigation. Our seasoned litigators will find the best path towards the best outcome on your case.


Protect your original authorship and expression, while preventing others from duplicating or creating derivative works. Copyright registration creates a foundation for pursuing copyright infringers in court and for obtaining statutory damages and injunctions where appropriate.

False Advertising, Unfair Competition, and Misappropriation

Some competitors don’t rely on innovation to attract new customers; instead, they fight your brand for attention. When your competitors cross the line into the realm of “false advertising” our attorneys are ready to protect your rights.

International Protection

We partner with colleague firms worldwide in multiple languages to create global protection and enforcement strategies. Your business has no borders, and neither do we.

Intellectual Property Litigation

Have you found another company infringing on your patent, trademark, or copyright? We handle everything to get those infringements out of the marketplace and protect your intellectual property.

Breach of Contract Litigation

A contract is only as good as the paper it’s written on and is only as useful as the reliability of the parties to the contract. We can step in when a contract is breached or when a party is not living up to its obligations.