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 RESULTS!  Impactful Solutions to Drive Business

results2harrisbI have  the privilege of being part of an exceptional group of business innovators. Along with 18 others, I have just become an Internationally Published Author of the inspiring anthology, RESULTS!  This collection of personal stories is a testament to the breadth and variety of Entrepreneurs.

My chapter titled, “INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY AS A BUSINESS DRIVER“, helps Entrepreneurs take a step back and ask the simple question “What distinguishes me from my competitors?” The sooner you are able to define your Intellectual Property as a business, the better.

These stories are about beginnings and ways forward, taking control of your life and creating desirable outcomes in your business. RESULTS! will show you how to step into success and grow your business, getting RESULTS!. You will also have an even better understanding of what you need to do to finally overcome the hurdles in your journey. Take a FREE look!