The following is an article from NJBIZ magazine

It’s not what Myers Wolin, LLC does but the way they do it that sets the intellectual property-focused law firm apart from the competition. Founded 16 years ago by attorneys Brian Myers and Harris Wolin, Myers Wolin prides itself on being business-focused.

“We partner with our clients to help them achieve their business objectives,” Myers explains. “There’s strong alignment between the services that we provide and how we execute on behalf of the client on the one hand, and how the client executes relative to the market and their customers commercially.”

The firm specializes in a full spectrum of intellectual property services

Myers Wolin focuses on trademarks, patents, copyrights, licensing, and litigation, and serving domestic and international clients of all sizes and technologies, ranging from independent inventors to Fortune 100 companies.

“What goes along with our depth and breadth of experience is that we have developed relationships with companies and law firms around the world, so when a U.S. client wants to protect their innovations and brands globally, we have a trusted network to leverage;’ Myers says.

Myers and Wolin worked at small, medium, and large law firms as well as in corporations before starting their own firm. “We learned from years of working in different firm environments such that we were well equipped to provide our clients with the type of service that is most responsive to the needs of our clients. We get to know each client and what they need and what they expect;’ Myers says.

“Myers Wolin professionals have advanced technical and legal degrees, which allow us to assist clients on the cutting edge and protect the latest technologies and breakthroughs,” Wolin says. “When you are dealing with companies and their inventors, inventors like to speak to people who can understand their technology and speak their language, and we are able to transform their disclosures into valuable patents that create a competitive advantage;’ Myers adds.

Wolin describes the firm as entrepreneurially focused.

“We serve a lot of startups and serial entrepreneurs that are involved in multiple businesses with fast-moving products and services, that are commercialized primarily through e-commerce platforms. We help develop enforcement strategies to combat the copycats and counterfeits that appear sometimes weeks after a successful launch:’

“We also help clients build trust and develop brand promise with their customers, which helps clients navigate issues that are a bit unique to the present day. Our client’s intellectual property is their reputation that helps steer the market to purchase innovation-backed quality as opposed to a cheap knockoff,” he adds.

Plus, Myers Wolin clients gain extra value from the fact that many of the firm’s attorneys previously worked in-house in larger companies where the intellectual property lawyers primarily served a business function and had to justify and align their efforts to the company goals and objectives, rather than simply filing patent applications to increase your number of patents, explains Wolin. “We infuse our business-minded approach into every client engagement:’

“At the end of the day, our primary purpose is to help our clients grow with confidence and the knowledge that their investment in their people and their technology is being protected. Our clients really appreciate the fact that we are supporting their business growth and not just creating additional documents for them to hang on a wall,” Wolin says.