Myers Wolin LLC offers expertise in the full range of U.S. and International patent practice including investigations, procurement, maintenance, administration and enforcement of patent rights. Our depth of knowledge and integrated approach allows us to assemble flexible teams from our firm and associate firms, as the case requires, ensuring our clients have the expert legal and technical skills to utilize and exploit their intellectual property.

Our Services include:

  • Preparing and Prosecuting US, PCT, Foreign, Regional and National Patent Applications Worldwide
  • Obtaining US and Foreign Design Registrations
  • Maintaining US Patents
  • Performing Patentability, Clearance, Validity and Infringement Investigations and Opinions
  • Conducting Internal Intellectual Property Audits
  • Establishing Internal Processes and Procedures for Prioritizing, Organizing and Administering Intellectual Property Assets
  • Providing In-House Educational Seminars and Training Programs