Michael Ben-Shimon, Patent Agent

(IMichael Ben-ShimonP Analyst; U.S. Patent Agent; Electrical; Software) Michael Ben-Shimon brings over a decade of experience in intellectual property management and monetization. He is responsible for developing intellectual property strategies for start-up companies acquired for over one billion dollars, as well as for companies in various rounds of financing. Michael has gained significant high-tech research and development experience while working for the Israeli Air Force in aviation electronics, while attending Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, and later with Israel Aerospace Industries.

Michael unites his job and business development experience, as well as his formal education in computer sciences and physics, as he specializes in the fields of wireless communication, medical devices, cloud computing, semiconductors and circuits, software, networking, security, the Internet, databases, and process modeling. His interdisciplinary skills are especially important as he specializes in identifying, drafting, and prosecuting patent applications and evaluating IP assets.

Practice Areas

  • Preparing and prosecuting patent applications
  • Identifying and protecting intellectual property
  • Developing intellectual property strategies
  • Managing intellectual property assets

Publications and Presentations

  • Protecting your Cloud IP,” published May 22, 2011
  • “Is It Patentable? – How to Identify Valuable Intellectual Property Assets,” presented at various academic institutes and forums
  • “Protecting your Cloud IP,” presented February 8, 2011 at the IIPS in New York, NY
  • “The Use of Intellectual Property as a Tool to Leverage your Business,” presented May 11, 2010 at the Laboratory Robotics Interest Group, Mid Atlantic Chapter’s 16th Annual Technology Exhibition in New Brunswick, NJ